May 30 2014

It’s Heartworm Season !

It’s been a long tough winter.  That’s for sure!
Another sure thing, with the warm weather, will come mosquitoes.291

Heartworm disease is a threat to our dogs and cats in Ontario.  Mosquitoes carry the disease from coyotes, wolves or dogs to our pets.  Statistics show that Heartworm is on the rise in Canada for both dogs and cats.  Ontario is the hotspot in the country.

Heartworm disease is caused by worms that live in the heart and lungs of dogs.  Symptoms include cough, exercise intolerance and occasionally death in severe infections. Thankfully, it is rarely fatal but subclinical disease (no symptoms), is fairly common in certain areas.  Infection is diagnosed by a simple blood test.  Treatment is available but costly and not without risk.

Preventative medication is highly recommended during the summer months for dogs exposed to mosquitoes.  The medicine is given orally or on the skin once a month from June to November.  It is safe and highly effective.  Don’t let your furry friend beat risk to this preventable disease.

Please contact our office at 905-640-4107, to arrange a visit to get your pet protected.  Check out Dr. Brian Laing discussing Heartworm Disease on Daytime

Here is an interesting poster with current statistics
on Heartworm Disease in CanadaHeartworm


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2 thoughts on “It’s Heartworm Season !”

  1. Bonnie says:


    I applied my dog’s second dose of Revolution yesterday, and today I noticed the fur around the area where I applied the Revolution has clumped together. Some of the revolution liquid did make contact with the fur yesterday. Could I have under applied the Revolution for it to be effective?

    1. tcahstouffville says:

      Hi Bonnie

      I was just updating our website and noticed this e-mail. Did the staff ever get back to you about your Revolution question back in July?

      Chrsitine Laing

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