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March 19th, 2019

Veterinary hospitals have been declared ‘Essential Services’ for the 14-day Ontario closure of non-essential businesses.  This latest protocol will be updated in 14 days or sooner if required. 

COVID-19 Buisness hours will be:

Monday – Friday               8am to 5pm
Saturday                             9am to 12pm

Due to the high number of phone calls we are receiving, we ask that you help us out but not leaving any messages and instead simply call us back. 

During COVID-19, we will be cutting our services to be in-line with the recommendations of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association in order to maximally protect our clients and our staff.

Sick Patients:

All sick patients needing medical attention will be seen as will any follow-ups that they require. Please phone the clinic for an appointment.


Vaccines, while important, can be delayed for a while. We will still be doing puppy and kitten vaccines as they need to develop their immunity. If you feel that your pet needs a vaccination during these two weeks (or longer) please give us a call and a Doctor can discuss it and if it is necessary, we can accommodate you.


For two weeks we will be delaying all routine spays and neuters. All emergency/critical/necessary surgeries will of course be done and done promptly. If you have a reason that you feel your pet needs an otherwise routine surgery during these two weeks please call and speak to a Doctor and we will accommodate you.


All routine grade 1 dentals, those that simply need cleaning, will be postponed for two weeks, while any dentals due to dental pathology, lose or broken, rotting teeth etc will receive prompt professional dental care as always.

Heartworm and Lyme Tests:

Clients can pick up their heartworm and tick preventatives without blood tests during this time as Heartworm tests are not necessary until just before June 1st and tick prevention should be applied now.

Pet Food & Supplies:
All your pets food and supplies can be ordered through our online store and delivered straight to your door or picked up at the clinic.  You can also call the clinic and we will prepare your order.  We ask that you pay for the order over the phone prior to coming for pickup so that we can practice proper social distancing.

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For additional information on COVID – 19,  please visit these credible sources from our government health units

York Region Health

Ontario Ministry of Health

Canada – Department of Health







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