Celebrating 30 Years!

TCAH is proudly celebrating 30 years of providing care for your furry family in October. To show our appreciation, during the month of October we will be offering promotions and giveaways.

Birthday BBQ BashBirthday BBQ Bash!

October 15th from 1-3 pm

We could not be more excited to invite you to our Birthday BBQ Bash on October 15th. The event will take place in the afternoon, from 1-3 pm, in our backyard. Join us for refreshments, food, and lots of giveaways. For a sneak peak at some of our prizes follow us on Facebook.


Free Nail Trims

Free Nail Trim

All month long, we are providing free nail trims! We’d love to see you and your pet for a complimentary mani-pedi. Book an appointment by calling our clinic to take advantage of this limited time offer.

30% Wellness Bloodwork

As we become older, routine general health screen involving wellness bloodwork are commonly recommendation by human physicians. These profiles are done to screen for common illnesses such as diabetes, thyroid disease, liver or kidney disease, or even cancer. Early detection of these diseases prior to the development of symptoms can make dramatic differences in the outcome of treating them.
English Bulldog Veterinarian Dog
Just like us, our pets need physical examination and routine bloodwork. Dogs and cats age at a much quicker rate than we do (about 7 times faster) meaning that a 9 year old pet is comparable to a 63 year old person.

To help promote pet wellness, we are extending a 30% discount off of all wellness bloodwork throughout October.

All of our wellness profile consists of a complete blood count (CBC) and a biochemistry panel. A CBC is a performed to assess a patient’s immune system, hydration status, and bone marrow health.

A biochemistry panel is performed to assess the overall health of a patient’s organs. As our pets age and in those on long-term medications these assessments become increasingly important. Basic biochemistry profiles measure liver and kidney function, blood sugar levels, electrolytes and blood protein levels.

Free Dental ExaminationsHill's t/d

At TCAH we are big advocates of preventative care. In addition to our wellness bloodwork discount, we are also providing free dental examines. Dental examinations are an essential part of keeping our pets healthy. During every dental consultation, our veterinarians discuss preventative dental care techniques, as well as products that may assist you in providing your pet with the best oral health possible. Included with every dental examination is a free bag of Hill’s t/d.

Dr. Brendon Laing has written an informative piece on dental health. For more information read “Let The Tooth Be Told“.

Toronto Maple Leafs Tickets

Throughout the month of October, with every examine you will receive a ballot for a chance to win a pair of Toronto Maple Leafs tickets! The winner will enjoy the game in their platinum seats which includes access to the Air Canada Lounge. Game day is on December 12th, 2016 against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

To increase your odds of winning, additional ballots may be purchased with all the proceeding being donated to the Farley Foundation (1 for $2, 3 for $5, 7 for $10, 15 for $20).

The winning ticket will be announced on October 31st live on our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook to find out if you won!


Leafs Tickets Giveaway Facebook

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