Who doesn’t love a puppy?  They are so cute adorable and super cuddly.
To keep you pet healthy, it is important we see your new pup within the first few days of bringing them home as their immature immune systems leave them vulnerable to illness.
We like to schedule puppy appointments every 3-4 weeks until they are 4-5 months to give them their appropriate vaccinations.
🩺 During these early visits, we also discuss important aspects of your pet’s health and care including:
🦴 Behaviour & training
🦴 Pet insurance
🦴 Dental care
🦴 Nutrition
🦴 Spay/neuter options & benefits
🦴 Lifestyle & vaccinations
🦴 Parasite prevention
🦴 & any questions or concerns you may have!
Preventative care is vital to keeping your new little one healthy and happy! 🐶