Wellness and Vaccination Programs

Let one of Stouffville’s Town & Country Animal Hospital’s veterinarians discuss and personalize a Vaccine Program that is tailored to your individual dog or cat’s lifestyle.  To learn more about the dangers of rabies and why we recommend  protecting your pet against this deadly virus, please visit our ‘Vaccinating your Pet Page‘.

Apart from Vaccines, our doctors can help customize a Health Care Program of yearly or semi annual physical exams and blood tests in order to prevent or at the least detect early any disease process.  Just like their owners, prevention is key.

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Apart from traditional veterinary medicine, our clinic now offers  ‘Laser Therapy’ as a non-invasive, drug free treatment option for healing that has proven to be successful in treating post surgical pain and many acute or chronic conditions.

To find out what our clients have to say about us, please visit our ‘Testimonials’ Page.