Mascot -Weight loss Mascot

Friskie a.k.a. Jared used to be owned by Sonja,a former employee at our veterinary clinic.

He lived on a farm with a number of other cats where the food bowl was always full. In two years Friskie went from a normal cat to an obese 25 pound fur ball.

When Sonja moved to Picton she came to us and asked if we would take Friskie because if she stayed with her “he would eat himself to death”. Our first reaction was to say no. How could we look a client in the eye and tell them their pet needed to lose weight when we had the “Mother of fat cats” sitting in our waiting room. It then occurred to us that Friskie could be our challenge, and when he lost weight he would be an inspiration to clients fighting their own battle with the bulge of their pets; much like Subways’ Jared.

We adopted Friskie in June and he taught us a lot about the difficulties one faced when trying to help an obese pet loose weight. Friskie ate a diet of Waltham’s Calorie Control which came in pouches with gravy. It had been a long, hard battle but in the six months Friskie he had melted down to 16.5 pounds. Our goal for Friskie was 14 pounds which he reached.

The weight loss changed Friskie life dramatically. He went from basically being a blob who hung out by his food dish, to wondering around the clinic and interacting with clients.

Unfortunately he passed away on in 2009 after many happy years of being svelte and trim.

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